Ultimate Package of Professional Cleaning,
Refreshing and Maintenance Service

Designed to capture your unique style, our wood floors stand as a testament to sophistication and resilience, offering unparalleled protection against life’s unavoidable spills and accidents. Our floors are made to endure anything from the occasional coffee spill to the difficulties of wine stains and fried oil marks without sacrificing elegance. However, in the unlikely event that you require extra floor protection or repairs, or a renewal is required, 3 Oak provides a wide range of services to guarantee your total peace of mind.

Choosing our wood flooring means investing in a long-lasting worry-free experience rather than just a surface to walk on. Because we think that your investment should be protected even beyond the day of installation, we offer a comprehensive selection of professional cleaning, revitalizing and maintenance services. Our dedicated team is equipped to handle everything from routine upkeep to specialised treatments, ensuring your wood floor remains a stunning centrepiece of your home for years to come.

With us, your wood floor is more than just a part of your home; it’s a lifelong investment in beauty and durability. Select our custom wood floor and expert service package, and let us take care of your flooring better than anyone else could.