Portfolio to Inspire Your Wood Flooring Dreams

At 3 Oak Wood Flooring, every project is different and we’re proud of the work we’ve accomplished throughout Greater London. Some of our customers wanted to make a bold statement while others were simply looking to let the natural beauty of wood complement their existing décor. Whether you’re thinking of parquet, a distressed finish or something from our Aged French collection, we hope our portfolio will spark new ideas or help to solidify your plans.

While you’re browsing, consider the dimensions of the rooms you’re seeing and compare their features to your own. Are you looking to restore your home’s traditional character with parquet flooring or looking to contrast a white palette with a dark finish? Natural oiled finishes work well in a kitchen and give a contemporary look to a refurbished home. A washed finish, on the other hand, can turn a staircase or hallway into a work of art. Finally, think about transition areas and existing timbered accents to ensure you choose a finish that either matches or compliments any flooring that won’t be replaced.

Once you’ve finished looking over our portfolio, give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide additional details about any of the projects that catch your eye.