Our recent project in the neighborhood of Notting Hill exemplifies the beauty and refinement of wood flooring. By incorporating an Truffle Oak finish and precise Splinefit borders this case study highlights our craftsmanship and seamless collaboration with the well known designers, Gordon Duff and Linton.

Project Overview

  • Location: Notting Hill, London
  • Flooring Type: Antico Finish Wood Flooring
  • Area Covered: 130 Square Meters
  • Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Challenges Faced: None
  • Partners Involved: Gordon-Duff & Linton
  • Installation Method: Fully Bonded to Screed

The Task at Hand

Fortunately our team encountered no obstacles during this project allowing us to concentrate fully on delivering top notch installation work. The goal was to lay down fumed wood with a stain and a lacquered topcoat throughout the ground floor and various bedroom landings ensuring a seamless match for a consistent appearance.

Our Strategy

Our strategy revolved around attention to detail and strategic planning focusing on the characteristics of the Antico finish and the Splinefit technique;

  • Floor Preparation: Ensuring that the screed base was flawlessly leveled to securely bond the wood flooring, which is essential, for both long lasting durability and visual appeal.
  • Border Installation: We added Splinefit borders to improve the look and clearly define areas.
  • Topcoat Application: We applied a lacquer topcoat to shield the wood and bring out its colors.

Execution and Outcome

The project lasted for two weeks during which our team skillfully managed the installation over 130 meters. The wood was securely bonded to the floor screed creating a solid and durable flooring surface.

The Result

The finished installation, in Notting Hill combines wood aesthetics with finishing methods seamlessly. The Antico finish, known for its color and protective lacquer coat along with the borders has turned the space into a symbol of luxury and sophistication.


This project showcases not our ability to carry out flawless flooring installations but our expertise, in handling intricate finishes and advanced techniques. With no obstacles hindering our progress the Notting Hill installation demonstrates our planning and execution skills resulting in outstanding outcomes that meet both our high standards and client expectations.