Step into Highwood House, a restored Georgian gem where history’s echo is palpable through its Aged Oak Flooring. Nestled in the heart of London, this architectural marvel has been sympathetically transformed from its 18th-century origins into a celebration of classic elegance and contemporary finesse.

At the core of Highwood House’s allure is the flooring selection, chosen to honor the grandeur of Georgian symmetry and spaciousness. The Antique Oak, boasting generous widths of 220mm, harmonizes with the high ceilings and floods the rooms with warmth. The unique character of the wood, with its visible distress marks and a rich patina, seamlessly integrating the old with the new.

For a touch of intricate charm, the Smokey George Distressed Herringbone Parquet weaves through the space, its small, artful pieces bringing a storied element to the grand design. Complementing these are the expansive 260mm planks, offering a sense of continuity and scale, befitting the house’s generous proportions.

Each plank is not just a piece of wood but a storied artifact, contributing to a narrative of enduring beauty. The aged finish is not just a style, it’s a testament to the timelessness of Highwood House, capturing a lived-in luxury that resonates with those who tread its floors.

Embrace the privilege of stepping back in time while standing firmly in contemporary luxury with Highwood House’s exquisite floors — where every step is a journey through history, every room an homage to timeless style.