Kensington Olympia, Installing Smoky George Chevron Parquet Flooring

Located in the Kensington Olympia this flooring project focused on installing a Smoky George Chevron pattern skilfully overcoming challenges such, as unexpected water damage. This case study showcases the artistry involved in choosing and fitting the chevron parquet flooring along with our response to obstacles.

Project Overview

  • Location: Kensington Olympia, London
  • Product: Smoky George Chevron, Character Grade
  • Dimensions: 100×600 mm
  • Area: 150 Square Meters
  • Duration:  2 Weeks
  • Challenges: Faced Repairing a radiator leak
  • Installation:  Method Glued Down

The Challenge

The primary goal was to install a Smoky George Chevron wood floor carefully arranging boards to showcase quality in areas like the living room and character grade in less visible spaces such as bedrooms. During the project a radiator leak occurred, causing staining on some boards. This required effective repair work to prevent long term damage.

Our Approach

Our comprehensive strategy ensured both aesthetic appeal and practicality, accommodating both the client’s preferences and the unexpected challenges:

  1. Board Selection: We carefully selected the highest quality boards for prominent areas while utilizing character grade boards under beds and in bedrooms, optimizing both beauty and material usage.
  2. Installation Technique: Employing a fully glued down method provided a stable and durable floor, essential for the high-traffic environment of a family home.
  3. Emergency Response: When the radiator leak occurred, our team swiftly cut out the stained boards, replaced them, and relacquered the floor to enhance its durability and restore its appearance.

Execution and Outcome

The project spanned a couple of weeks, covering an expansive 150 square meters. Despite the setback with the radiator, our prompt response and efficient problem-solving minimized disruption and ensured the longevity of the flooring.

The Result

The final installation in Kensington Olympia stands as a testament to tailored craftsmanship and resilience in the face of challenges. The Smoky George Chevron flooring, with its elegant pattern and strategic grade variation, significantly enhances the aesthetic of the mansion while ensuring practicality and durability.


This Kensington Olympia project exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality flooring solutions that showcases our unique approach to each space. In addition, we tend to address all issues swiftly, to ensure the floor’s integrity and looks are maintained. It speaks to our dedication to customer satisfaction and craftsmanship excellence.