Portsea Place, An Expert Showcase of Installing Oak Herringbone Flooring


In the realm of merging charm with flair few ventures capture this blend as beautifully, as our recent herringbone flooring project at Portsea Place. This study delves into the intricacies and custom solutions and the exceptional artistry 3 Oak team provided, highlighting our collaboration with JSRE partners.

Project Overview

  • Location: Hyde Park Estate, London
  • Material: Dark Fumed Oak Herringbone Parquet
  • Size: Medium Herringbone Parquet Blocks measuring 100x460mm
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Challenges: Precise cutting around existing fixtures alignment issues
  • Partnerships: JSRE Developers, 3O Manufacturing
  • Method of Installation: Adhered Down Technique

The Task at Hand

Nestled in a block from the 1930s a not far from the renowned Hyde Park. The Portsea Place project demanded not only top tier flooring supply and installation but also a sharp attention to detail and problem solving skills. The main obstacle involved laying down dark fumed oak herringbone parquet around a installed kitchen area . The issue was that the doors were slightly askew. Additionally seamlessly integrating the flooring with the existing marble tiles, in the bathroom presented a layer of challenge.

Our Approach

Working closely with our partners, at JSRE and utilizing the parquet provided by 3 Oak we began this project with a defined plan;

  1. Initial Evaluation: We carefully mapped out the design to ensure that the herringbone pattern seamlessly extended from the corridor through the kitchen and into the living room. All of this have been done despite the door misalignment.
  2. Precise Installation: This phase focused on cutting around kitchen fixtures and strategically starting the flooring to create an attractive, unified pattern.
  3. Smooth Transition: In order to smoothly blend with the marble tiles in the bathroom we adjusted the thickness of the parquet boards to create a surface.

Execution and Results

Over a five day period our installation process was characterised by our dedication to precision and meticulousness. Despite encountering a scratch during construction our team efficiently restored the floors appearance without causing delays in project completion. The end outcome reflects our teams adaptability and expertise, in overcoming obstacles.

The Outcome

Portsea Place now features a fumed oak herringbone floor that enhances the properties historical allure while providing both durability and modern aesthetic appeal.

The success of the project hinges on blending the flooring with the existing elements of the property, which was accomplished through careful planning and execution.

In closing the Portsea Place flooring project showcases our proficiency in managing installations, with accuracy and style. It highlights our capacity to collaborate with developers and manufacturers, giving you headache free service. Thus, guaranteeing that every detail of the flooring installation not meets but surpasses client standards. This endeavour serves as a demonstration of our dedication to excellence, innovation and client contentment, within the realm of flooring solutions.