Situated near London’s Hyde Park, our project at Hyde Park Place showcases opulence through a Shatter Black finish paired with eye catching brass inlays. This case study explores our design decisions emphasizing the partnership with JSRE associates and our supply and installation services.

Project Overview

  • Location: Hyde Park Place, London
  • Material Used: Shatter Black Herringbone Prime Grade Wood
  • Area Covered: 100 Square Meters
  • Duration: 1.5 Weeks
  • Challenges Faced: Balancing the contrasts between flooring and interior decor
  • Partners Involved: JSRE Partners
  • Installation Details: Supply and Installation with Brass Inlays

The Challenge

The goal was to lay down a Herringbone Prime Grade floor in a medium block size enhanced with brass inlays and stair cladding in the bedrooms. The design obstacle involved blending floors with light coloured furnishings and wall treatments to achieve a sophisticated contrast that elevates the visual appeal of the space.

Our Approach

Our strategy was thorough and precise ensuring execution of every detail, from the borders to the brass inlays:

  1. Design Consultation: Working closely with partners we ensured that design selections captured the desired contrast and sophistication.
  2. Material Selection: Even though Shatter Black is no longer available this particular finish established an daring aesthetic, enhanced by brass details that reflect the luxury of Hyde Park nearby.

Precise Installation; The meticulous installation of borders, with carpet inserts and brass details demanded craftsmanship to ensure alignment with the overall design.

Carrying Out the Project

The project was finished in over a week and a half covering an area of around 100 meters. The installation involved custom elements like stair cladding and borders with carpet inserts requiring expert precision for both durability and visual appeal.

The Outcome

The flooring at Hyde Park Place now serves as a symbol of luxury. The rich Shatter Black finish provides a contrast against the interiors while the brass details on both the floors and panels establish a unified sophisticated ambiance. This project showcases our proficiency in adapting to designs with finesse.

Final Thoughts

The Hyde Park Place project demonstrates our mastery in delivering high quality flooring solutions. Our talent, for blending materials and craftsmanship has resulted in a space that embodies opulence and coherence perfectly tailored to fit both the client’s vision and the prestigious location of the property.