Wood Floor Finishes & Treatments

Wood Floor Finishes come in the following types:

Oiled Floors

Oiled FinishOiled wood flooring is extremely versatile and has many advantages among wood floor finishes. The oils penetrate deeply into the wood, protecting it and giving it moisture resistance whilst allowing the wood to breathe. There are many finishes, with matt or satin oils available, as well as coloured oils to totally change the colouring of the floor. The majority of oils available are either matt or satin-matt finish, (a gloss finish is not available in an oil finish).

Oiled wood floors require oiling every 18months to 2 years to keep them fresh and vibrant, but a massive advantage of re-applying the oil is that any scratches and scuff marks are instantly removed, resulting in a perfect finish once again.

This finish has great resistance to abrasive damage and any small areas that become scuffed may be re-oiled without having to attend to the whole floor, making it very forgiving and easy to maintain. So an oiled wood floor is easy to maintain but requires more maintenance to keep in tip-top condition.

Lacquered Floors

Lacquered FinishLacquer is a finish that sits on the surface of the wood. It’s extremely tough and hard-wearing, 3Oak boards have at least 6-7 coats of anti-scratch lacquer. Gloss is a popular finish but you can also have finished in matt or satin.

The lacquer protects the wood from above by an impenetrable layer that keeps dirt, spillages and moisture away from the wood. A lacquered wood benefits from low maintenance so a hoover and a quick wipe with a wood floor cleaner are all it needs to keep it looking good.

Stained Floors

We can stain your floors to make them darker than their natural colour. If you provide a sample of how you’d like them to look, we can match the colour. Alternatively, we can make suggestions. The colours on offer range from light oak, to antique mahogany. You might also like to consider teak – a red-toned finish that can give a fashionable Oriental look to a room. Customers often ask us to tone down the yellow tones in pine, and we can create a richer brown or tawny shade, just for you.