Wooden Floor Grades

3 Oak Wood Flooring recognizes the power of selecting the flooring to completely change a space enhancing both its appeal and practicality. Whether you’re a designer, architect or homeowner embarking on a renovation project choosing the grade of oak flooring holds importance. Today we are thrilled to present and educate you about the four grades of oak flooring; Nature, Prime, Character and Rustic.

Prime Grade

The Prime grade oak flooring embodies elegance and consistency. It boasts a uniform grain pattern, with minimal pin knots and flaws.
This grade is an excellent choice for spaces seeking a sleek and sophisticated appearance. It is ideal for high-end projects that prioritize precision and uniformity.

Nature Grade

Nature grade oak flooring offers a delightful blend of elements, featuring both clean wood surfaces and occasional knots and imperfections. This grade appeals to those who value the natural beauty of wood while maintaining a refined aesthetic in their indoor spaces. It strikes a balance between elegance and authenticity.

Character Grade

Character grade oak flooring highlights the inherent charm of wood, showcasing knots, varied colors, and distinct grain patterns.
This particular grade adds a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any room, making it suitable for rustic or eclectic interior styles. Unique beauty of wood and brings a charm to your design.

Rustic Grade

Rustic grade oak flooring embraces the natural flaws and character of the wood. It proudly showcases knots, cracks, and color variations.
This grade is ideal for creating a lived-in vibe, often favored in country-style homes, cabins, and spaces that appreciate an unrefined look.

Our team of experts is ready to assist you in choosing the grade that best suits your project needs.