Wood Flooring Construction

Our signature wood flooring has been exclusively designed and engineered for outstanding durability and resistance to moisture. It consists of three solid layers of natural oak wood that have been bonded together under extreme pressure. We bring conventional engineered oak flooring to a whole new level!

Extra Stable Engineered Wood Floor

Engineered Wood Flooring Construction

Engineered wood flooring is specially designed to provide maximum strength and durability. Each plank is made of a hardwood top layer with a thickness between 4 mm and 8 mm. This covers multiple layers of birch plywood with a thickness of 9mm to 15 mm. The layers are glued together in opposite directions under extremely high pressure to form a solid bond.

Using new technologies and engineering methods, 3 Oak Wood Flooring can be installed in arears with high moisture levels. It is well suited for under floor heating areas and will look stunning on any floor in your home.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Once it’s in place engineered wood flooring provides the same appearance as solid wood planks. It also offers the same sturdiness and long life. Most notably, it has the added advantage of greater stability due to the engineered construction. This is a great benefit when used over underfloor heating where a floating installation is recommended.

Solid Wood Flooring Construction

As the name suggests, a solid wood plank is made from a single piece of solid timber. This type of flooring is available in its natural form or in a variety of beautiful finishes. Solid wood flooring is suitable for both domestic and commercial use and has an extremely long lifetime if well maintained. Due to its resistance to dents and scratches, solid wood planks are often used in kitchen flooring.

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is load-bearing and can be sanded, resealed and refinished many times over its long life. The boards can be joined together with a tongue and groove fitting, glued with an elastic adhesive or secured with hidden nails. Because of their tendency to expand and contract, solid wood floors shouldn’t be floated on top of a flooring underlay. In addition, this type of flooring is neither suitable for use over floor heating nor recommended for installation directly over a concrete subfloor base. In these cases, we recommend using engineered wood flooring or our own 3 Oak Wood Flooring.