Timber Source

Timber Source for Engineered Wood Flooring
Oak Forestry

At 3 Oak Wood Flooring, we source our timber from sustainable European forests. Choosing one of our products supports our commitment to responsible forest management.

Our expertly machined engineered wood flooring is made from oak trees that are imported from Central Europe. You can choose from engineered hardwood affixed to a plywood base or our own 3 Oak boards. We use WBP birch plywood from Russia, and both our products have a moisture content that ranges from 8% to 11%.

European Oak Quality
Finish Oak Forestry

European oaks are known for their hardness and superior strength. As a result, the wood has a high resistance to abrasion and wear, making it perfect for hardwood flooring. The presence of tannin in the fibres also protects the trees from insects and harmful fungus.

Above all, these trees are extremely versatile. For instance, European oaks are used to make furniture, veneers and building frames. The wood is also famously used to condition wine, sherries and other fine spirits. Furthermore, different species of oak lend a subtly different aroma and taste to the contents of their barrels.
County Londonderry in Northern Ireland reveres the European oak as its emblem. At 3 Oak Flooring, this amazing tree is simply the heart of our business.