Under Floor Heating

Under Floor Heating

Under Floor Heating can be used with engineered hardwood flooring

Certain engineered wood flooring is suitable for under floor heating and can be installed over warm water heated sub-floors provided the following measures are taken.

In the case of newly installed under floor heating, the sub-floor must be allowed to dry naturally without turning on the under floor heating. Allow a 2 weeks drying period for every cm thickness of floor screed or concrete.

Moisture content of concrete sub-floors should not exceed 2% before installation of wood flooring and a moisture retardant underlay should be used between the sub-floor and the wood floor.

The under floor screed should be heated for four days with the wood flooring stored in the room for acclimatization prior to being fitted.

Before installing the wood flooring reduce the sub-floor temperature to about 17°C

When installation is complete maintain the 17°C for a further period of 3 days before increasing the sub-floor temperature by 3°C per 24 hour period. This sequence should also be followed at the start of the heating season.

A maximum temperature of 28°C below the wood floor should never be exceeded. This will equate to a temperature on the surface of the wood being an absolute maximum of

A room temperature of between 18-22°C should also be accompanied by a relative humidity of 50-65% RH. It should be remembered that it is humidity that carries the heat so the drier the atmosphere the colder the room will feel. Humidity can be easily introduced/regulated by the use of a small electric humidifier.

Rugs/ carpets/mats should not be used as this can greatly increase the surface temperature of the wood flooring.

Slight opening of the joints cannot be avoided and for this reason beveled edged boards will give a better visual appearance