Wood Flooring Top Wear Layer

Sanding Wood Floors

The top wear layer also known as the veneer or lamella is a solid hardwood layer ranging from 3mm to 6mm.
The wear layer is the amount of solid hardwood there is before reaching the tongue of the plank. The thicker the wear layer the higher the quality of the product and the more times it can be sanded or refurbished.

6mm is generally the thickest veneer on an engineered board, due to its thickness it’s easier to make any repairs to it unlike thinner veneers. It also allows you to sand and refinish the veneer multiple times without losing its structural integrity unlike the thinner boards. Every sanding process approximately uses up 0.5mm of solid oak.

Base Layers

The base layers for 3Oak’s engineered boards consist of a 100% cross birch plywood.

The plywood is made up of several layers and each layer is run in contrasting directions to provide the board that extra stability.

Due to the boards stability it’s not necessary to acclimatise the boards unlike Solid and is perfect for an installation over Under Floor Heating.

21mm Product Specification

Oak top layer thickness = 6mm (+/- 0.5mm)

Birch plywood thickness = 14.5mm (+/- 0.5mm)

Overall product thickness = 20.5mm (+/- 0.3mm)

16mm Product Specification

Top layer thickness = 4mm (+/- 0.5mm)

Plywood thickness = 11.5mm (+/- 0.5mm)

Overall product thickness = 15.5mm (+/- 0.3mm)

12mm Product Specification

Top layer thickness = 3.5mm (+/- 0.5mm)

Plywood thickness = 9mm (+/- 0.5mm)

Overall product thickness = 12.5mm (+/- 0.3m