Eco Friendly Wood Floors

In todays world it’s crucial to make choices. At 3 Oak we prioritize sustainability. Offer Eco Friendly Wood flooring options. Choosing a wood floor from us not enhances your space aesthetically. Also contributes to a greener planet.

Environmentally Responsible Finishes, for a Better World

Our dedication to the environment is evident in all our finishes. Each finish meets standards outlined in Directive 2004/42/CE aligns with the environmental requirements of the European Eco label and complies with European Standard. This ensures that all finishes from 3 Oak Wood Flooring are both safe for users and gentle on the environment.

Minimizing Waste, Maximizing Sustainability

While we strive for excellence in our wood floors at 3 Oak we acknowledge that manufacturing can generate waste. We take pride in our zero waste approach ensuring that every part of the log serves a purpose. Any wood unsuitable, for our floors is repurposed into biofuel. This eco friendly fuel not warms our facilities. Also benefits the local community and businesses spreading sustainable warmth far and wide.

Sustainable Manufacturing, for a Future

At the core of our production practices lies innovation featuring programs aimed at minimizing air pollutants. A friendly manufacturing plant not only helps preserve nature but also supports our hardworking staff members who breathe life into our wooden flooring products.”

Our approach to sourcing wood focuses on minimizing harm to the environment by giving priority to suppliers reducing the necessity for long distance transportation. By cutting wood to size before production we ensure packaging efficiency and space utilization, which further reduces our impact.

Embrace Sustainable Elegance with 3 Oak

When you opt for 3 Oak Wood Flooring you’re not just choosing an long lasting product. Also supporting the planets well being. From using finishes and implementing zero waste policies to following clean production methods and ensuring efficient delivery every aspect of our operations is geared towards sustainability. Make the conscious decision for your flooring needs and join us in our mission, for a healthier more sustainable world.