What Sets 3 Oak Apart from Other Manufacturers

In the realm of high end flooring 3 Oak shines as a symbol of excellence offering engineered wood floors that combine a both modern technology and natural beauty. Our dedication to quality control is evident in every phase of our manufacturing process from material sourcing to installation.

Craftsmanship Expertise; Our skilled team of artisans blends woodworking methods, with precision techniques.

Our Detailed Procedure – The Path, to Excellence

3 Oak floors offer a blend of wood beauty, with the stability of engineered construction. They feature a layer of premium European Oak and multiple core layers of high quality plywood for optimal dimensional stability. This design allows for installation in areas where solid hardwood may not be suitable such as over heating systems or, in basements.

Are you, in the process of restoring a house or creating a marvel? Our flooring options offer a base, for bringing your vision to life.

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