UK Parquet Flooring Specialists

Parquet Flooring is a niche in the flooring Market that is proving an ever-increasing popular sector of the wood flooring industry in the UK. We have seen steady growth and increased demand for high quality Engineered parquet, this trend is here to stay. A big Factor responsible for the higher demand year on year are: The popularity of underfloor heating systems in modern building projects.

Parquet flooring introduces clean lines to rooms and exudes elegance and class. Popular in the post Victorian England during the 1930’s this style is both timeless and classical in feel. For those wishing to make a huge design statement this is a perfect choice.

Our Factory produces a wide range of thicknesses and dimensions of parquet blocks. From small traditional style Victorian sized parquet blocks such as 70mm x 300mm. We can customise any size to oversized blocks ranging from 100mm x 600mm blocks or up to 200mm x 600mm This is often employed as a contemporary twist to a modern design.

3 Oak’s own professional installation team possess the latest tools and technology to do work of the highest quality, ensuring the parquet is installed with precision and the highest quality finish.

Parquet flooring is a bold design statement. When it comes to laying parquet well – We feel the skill of our craftsmen is key!

In an ideal world a sub floor would be perfectly flat, in the real world this is not the case. An acceptable subfloor needs to be within a tolerance of +- 2mm per 3 Linear metres for a parquet installation.

When laying above existing floorboards it is standard practise to install a new plywood subfloor and if necessary apply a self-levelling compound to even out any undulating areas. If installation is to be directly on concrete or screed subfloors you may remedy any sloping, dipping or humping in areas by using a self-levelling compound.

Our installation teams are experienced in dealing with a of scenarios and subfloor types and also projects of various different proportions. Please take a look at our portfolio for examples of the kind of work we do on a day to day basis.

Please call us now on 02088408031 to arrange a free site visit, at which we will discuss our recommendations and offer our expert advise on how to achieve the best results.