3 Oak Winter Logs are here!

Deep within the thick forests of Eastern Europe, work has started bringing in new Winter-felled timber to be processed at our manufacturing plant into high quality engineered flooring.

These winter logs come from the artic sub-zero temperatures. These snow-covered logs mean the logs contain lower levels of moisture. The low humidity conditions is the optimum time to harvest the trees during the extremely low temperatures and humidity, as it causes the timber to harden and be more tightly packed.

Three hundred cubic metres of fresh logs have arrived at our factory during January – February months this year. One by one the logs are loaded into our precision cutting machines, to be sliced in to the 4mm and 6mm veneers of Oak used to produce engineered Oak flooring. The layers then go through a minimum of 30 days air drying on racks in a process called kiln drying. This stage allows the trees to lose any excess moisture naturally not compromising on their finished quality.

3 Oak is proud to be involved in every stage of the production process from cutting the trees in the forest through the manufacturing stages to delivering and installing the end product here in the UK. These logs will soon arrive in the UK at the beginning of May this year.

Please get in touch with our sales team on 0208 840 8031 for more information.