Notting Hill Herringbone Parquet flooring

The clients requirements for Parquet flooring were very specific in this case, we had to have the parquet batons and Wenge border custom made to his specifications. The normal thickness that is usually made would have been to thick to match the existing floor.

The batons were glued to the existing original boards using a flexible parquet adhesive made by Sika, we have had a lot of experience with this product and although it is a little more expensive than most, we prefer to use it because we feel it performs the best. The flexible glue also helps smooth out any small inconsistencies in level in the sub-floor. After they were glued the batons were nailed to add extra security.

Once the middle of the parquet flooring had been fixed, we were able to accurately cut the edges ready to accept the border, we used a Festool skill saw to ensure the accuracy of the cuts.

Once the border was fitted we were able to sand the whole lot flat, and then used a Bona Lacquer to give a great hard wearing finish.