This project was for a supply and fit of a new extension in rural Oxfordshire

Underneath the floor we firstly put a damp proof membrane.

The oak flooring in Oxfordshire used for this project was our popular 21m x 180mm wide engineered oak planks, the grading of the wood was a rustic A/B grade with standard lengths of 2.4m long being the average. The 21mm thickness consists of a 6mm top layer of oak and 15mm quality birch ply

The finish used on this product was a unique finish made by our Belgium partners. The floor was heavily brushed to give a textured surface, then aged and distressed to give this stunning look.

The installation technique used here is called floated. This system consists of high quality foam underlay preferably 3mm thickness. This method consists of the engineered board floating on top and glued together by the tongue and groove.