In Recent years Chevron Parquet has become much more popular here in the UK. Chevron Oak Wood Flooring has always been common on the continent, especially in France, so people looking for an alternative to the usual Herringbone pattern have come around to the more unusual Chevrons. Because it has only recently become popular in the UK, Chevron lends itself to a more contemporary feel than Herringbone, which is associated with a more traditional look.

For this Client we supplied and fitted Engineered Oak Chevron Parquet Blocks. Each Parquet Block was 600mm x 100mm and 14mm thick with a 4mm solid Oak top layer. Usualy when fitting parquet, the floor is sanded level and finished once the blocks have been installed. Our Chevron Blocks are pre-finished so can’t be sanded level after fitting without destroying the existing finish. This means the floor has to be laid with extra care and special attention given to the sub-floor to make sure it is perfectly level to begin with.

The finish chosen for the floor is a 30 day smoked finish called Lightly Distressed Brushed Smokey George and is from our Classic Collection. This was also Distressed as per the wishes of the client. Each Block is hand finished and then applied with a water and stain resistant clear water based Laquer that is brand new on the market and completely free from solvents and toxins. This provides a good level of protection.

Our Client and us were really happy with the final look of the floor, the subtle colour variation between parquet blocks contrasts well with the perfectly uniforn pattern, giving the look of a beautiful bespoke floor.