We have recently completed installing Chevron Parquet flooring in a flat in Earls Court. The client has chosen oversize Chevrons of 700 x 100 x 21 mm, in our French Smoked Oak finish. The size of the Chevron blocks was made to coincide with the width of the hallway of the flat, so at its narrowest point the chevrons wouldn’t have to be cut and look awkward.

This was a challenging installation for our fitters because the sub-floor that the parquet blocks will be fitted to is floating and not secured to the joists beneath. This is not ideal but with good expansion gaps around the edges and the use of a flexible adhesive the issues can be resolved.

We took a lot of time to carefully consider the direction to lay the chevrons. The flat has many light sources and narrow corridors that the parquet will have to be laid through, so the direction the light entered the rooms had to be taken into account to allow the light to follow the lines of the parquet in a complimentary way.