Project Location: Diesel Black Gold, 21 Conduit Street, London W1S

This is one of our nicest floors so far, refined and elegant, yet hard wearing and durable, It is perfect for showrooms and retail spaces or anywhere else that gets as much attention and human traffic as possible. The lightly antiqued oak, with a lime washed finish blends in well with the contents of the shop.

The concrete areas in between the wood are part of the design specified by the client, we had to perfect not just the design, but the overall plan with a high degree of accuracy to be successful. The most pleasing aspect of the floor was the fusion between a traditional oak pattern floor and the industrial/modern style of the central concrete blocks.

Our experience in providing high end Oak floors and being able to adapt to the requirements of a demanding client puts us in a great position to get the best possible results from our high quality materials and workmanship.