This project was for the supply and fit of a newly built extension situated in Ealing Broadway, West London.

The wood floors in Ealing supplied was 21m x 180mm wide engineered oak planks, the grading of the wood was a rustic A/B grade with standard lengths of 2.4m long being the average. The 21mm thickness consists of a 6mm top layer of oak and 15mm quality birch ply.

This floor had been smoked to get the dark brown aged look  and then finished with 2 coats of hard wax oil that were prefinished off-site.  3m stair nosing’s were used to show of the steps located in the middle of the room separating the 2 levels

The installation technique used here was a full surface bond installation with Sika T54 Flexible adhesive.

In this big space the steps become a big feature in his room, the finish of the floor works with the interior décor and as you will agree it looks absolutely stunning