This project was for a supply and fit contract of a new ecological house built in Oxfordshire.
The oak flooring in Oxfordshire used was our exclusive 3 Oak Construction the dimensions of the boards are 22m x 210mm wide engineered oak planks, the grading of the wood was a nature grade with standard lengths of 2.9m long being the average. The 22mm thickness consists of an 8mm top layer of oak, a middle layer of 7mm oak and a bottom layer of 7mm oak
The finish used on this product was a 4 coat oiling system that was prefinished off-site and heavily brushed to give a textured surface.
The installation technique we used here is called the Sika Acoubond System. This system consists of high quality foam matt with symmetrically placed cut out to insert Sika’s flexible adhesive. This system allows you to achieve a high sound dampening effect.
Goring was a very interesting project as it was designed purposely to the passive house standard, this focuses on high level comfort, while using very little energy for heating and cooling. Buildings built to these standards achieve a 75% reduction in space heating requirement compared to conventional UK new builds.
Our partners on this project were Green Factory Ltd & ECO2HOUSE.