Chevron Paquet for Kensington Olympia Flat

Welcome to the epitome of modern elegance at Kensington Olympia, where sophistication meets comfort. Behold the stunning Chevron Parquet Flooring, a true artisanal masterpiece beneath your feet. Each plank, sized at 600mm in height, a sleek 90mm in width, and a robust 16mm thickness, interlocks in a harmonious sequence, creating a mesmerizing herringbone pattern that guides the eye through the luxurious expanse of the room.

The warm oak tones of the flooring bring forth a timeless charm, seamlessly blending with a palette of soft neutrals and crisp whites. This subtle yet impactful foundation complements the contemporary furniture, with the plush sectional sofa inviting you to relax and the chic, round coffee table, kissed with gold accents, beckoning for intimate gatherings.

In this space, functionality dances with beauty, highlighted by the tailored built-in shelving adorned with personal treasures and ambient lighting that bathes each shelf in a soft glow. As a purveyor of premium oak flooring, we ensure that every step you take on our Chevron Parquet is a step in a sanctuary designed for the discerning eye, a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and the allure of Kensington Olympia. Join us in redefining the canvas of your home with a floor that speaks volumes.