Using this type of FumedĀ oak wood floor is very easy because of how it accentuates the rest of the appearance of the house. You can easily blend it with the overall color theme that you have in the house. In this case for example, the white walls and the furniture have a color blend that blends in perfectly with the floor.

Traditionally the design is made from processed oak tree sliced into 100mm thick pieces. Engineered oak flooring has been in use long enough and when used together with softwood ply backing board it becomes a great, versatile product. One of the main reasons why this floor type is awesome for your house is the fact that it is inherently adaptive to the environment therefore you will not need to worry about any drastic changes in the weather causing weird changes to your floor.

The floor is strong, rigid and will not have the shape altered as easily as you would perhaps expect of solid wooden floor planks. Our engineered floors often come in handy for those whose houses are located in areas where moisture can present challenges from time to time especially in kitchens and bathrooms.