Oak Floor Installation Service

Please note: Installation Service is only available for floors supplied by 3 Oak

Installing The Perfect Floor

Finding a qualified wood flooring fitter can be a real challenge, many people don’t realise how complicated fitting a wood floor can be, and can fall victim to unprofessional and unqualified carpenters.

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with your floor and more often than not it is caused by an improper installation procedure, inexperienced fitters or bad site conditions. Our team of fitters work solely for 3 Oak, they have an excellent reputation and have all been with us for many years.  3 Oak will never subcontract any of our fitting services, this is why we would recommend that all our clients use our inhouse installation service.

Issues caused by an inexperienced carpenter

The most common problems that we come across include the following:

There are different reasons why these problems may arise but, in most cases, these can be avoided.  Our team of fitters are highly knowledgeable and follow strict guidelines when installing your floor and will ensure the following.

Work prior to Installation

Our team of experts will come to the location to survey the subfloor.  3 Oak takes time to ensure that the subfloor is as well prepared as possible.  This will have a huge impact on the final result and is extremely important.  The work undertaken may include:

  1. Check the subfloor is level, and if required use a number of different methods and techniques to correct it.
  2. Establish if the subfloor has the correct level of moisture.
  3. Ensure the new flooring is fully climatized prior to installation

During the Installation Service

3 Oakwood floorings fully qualified and the experienced fitting team have a reputation for detail. They continue to check the following throughout.

  1. Correct expansion gap around the room
  2. All boards will be visually inspected for quality and abnormalities
  3. Darker and Lighter boards will be spread evenly around the space

How the floor fitters handle skirting

Some fitters choose to remove skirting completely which makes installation more difficult as it rips off the plasterboard from the wall. Our fitters usually undercut skirting and architraves so that the floors slide underneath which makes it more aesthetically pleasing.  We try to avoid the use of beading is this has a less professional look.

Equipment and Techniques Used

Our team of craftsmen have been carefully selected for their exceptional skills and extensive experience. We are proud to be members of the British Wood Floor Association (BWFA).

Our fitters use the highest quality equipment and product for the installation.  Ensuring the flow and colour of the flooring is even throughout and the edges are accurately finished is key.  The fitting techniques developed by our teams give the perfect result. 

Important: 3 Oak provides floor fitting/Installation services only for the products supplied by 3 Oak.