This project was for the supply and fit of a refurbished town house situated in Chiswick, West London.

The engineered wood flooring in Chiswick used was 21m x 300mm wide engineered oak flooring, the grading of the wood was a rustic A/B grade with standard lengths of 3m long being the average. The 21mm thickness consists of a 6mm top layer of oak and 15mm quality birch ply.

The finish used on this product is a 2 coat system that is prefinished off-site. The grain was brushed to give a textured finish and smoked to give that aged grey tone

The installation technique used here was a floated installation. This system consists of a high quality 3mm foam mat with a built a built in dpm (damp proof membrane) layer which is vital for any installation over concrete. Light and easy to handle and it cuts and fits with ease. Fair thermal insulation and sound impact reduction qualities

In this big space the wide flooring looked incredible the client was again extremely happy and was happy to recommend us to her friends.