Dark Wood Flooring

Natural oak has a creamy white hue which, if left untreated, become infused with yellowish tones. Adding a dark finish to flooring both protects the wood and gives it a rich depth and inviting warmth. Dark flooring adds a touch of sophistication to any décor. Pair with complementary colours or dramatically contrasting accent pieces. Installing a dark oak floor is the easiest way to add a modern look to your home that’s both attractive and easy to maintain.

An Impeccable Finish

We create and protect our dark finishes with professional care. By working with the wood to highlight the natural grain, we ensure its pattern isn’t lost in the darker tones. From delicate herringbone to the classic appeal of weathered boards, our black and brown finishes radiate class and understated elegance. In order to retain our exclusive tones, each piece is carefully finished to ensure its good looks will last for many years. As a result of installing a dark finish floor, you’ll add warmth, grace and visual appeal to your home. Finally, a wood floor always adds value and is immediately eye-catching to prospective buyers. Talk to our professional team and we’ll introduce you to the beauty of a genuine 3 Oak Floor.


Please note that we can produce every colour (finish) in the form of plank floorboards, herringbone and chevron parquet blocks.