Light Wood Flooring

The natural look and beauty of oak takes center stage with light wood flooring. This is the closest thing to leaving a floor in its natural state, without the yellowing that invariably accompanies untreated wood. From ice white glazing to a stone washed finish, our light wood flooring will brighten, enhance and rejuvenate your home. Additionally, a white oak floor is the perfect solution for smaller rooms, making them appear more spacious. Finally, light wood flooring also gives you a free-hand when it comes to the rest of your décor and is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

A Durable Finish

A protective oil coating is applied to all of our light and white oak finishes. Along with protecting the wood, this gives each board added texture and depth. Another benefit is the minimal care needed for your light wood flooring to maintain its contemporary appeal. Go ahead and change the colour of your walls or furnishings as often as you like. Above all, the natural grain will remain the focus, whether you choose a complex herringbone pattern or wide farmhouse boards. Because we hand-craft a full range of attractive tones, pristine white finishes and champagne hues, you’ll be able to find just the right finish for your new engineered oak floor. We look forward to introducing you to the lasting joys of 3 Oak Flooring.


Please note that we can produce every colour (finish) in the form of plank floorboards, herringbone and chevron parquet blocks.