Grey Wood Flooring

All engineered wood floors add warmth and natural beauty to your home, but grey wood flooring is particularly pleasing to the eye. Smokey tones won’t clash with timbered furnishings and complement almost any décor. A calm ambiance radiates from soft grey hues, whether you favour cool blue undertones or a warm red base. Untreated cedar turns grey after the first year. If you love those misty tones, you can replicate that look with oak by installing professionally finished grey wood flooring.

An Array of Grey Finishes

Our method of finishing grey wood flooring can consist of up to fifteen separate steps. We carefully treat every hand-made board for colour, tone and durability. Furthermore understated hues bring out the grain of the wood so that every natural feature is beautifully accentuated and preserved. Consequently, your new floors retain their appeal for many years as they continue to add depth, warmth and style to your home.  Choose from a wide selection of smokey shades that have a weathered yet distinctly contemporary appeal. Our skilled team can help you select just the right tone for any room. By giving you the style, quality and supreme good looks that only come with genuine 3 Oak Flooring.


Please note that we can produce every colour (finish) in the form of plank floorboards, herringbone and chevron parquet blocks.